Bug’s Eye View Photography

A Bug's Eye Point of View Laowa, a brand known for its special photography lenses, is leveraging Kickstarter to … plus an 85-degree field of view. The standard version comes with mount options for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony FE, …

The cameras can capture a 160-degree-wide field of view with … by the insect eye for as long as I can remember," said professor John Rogers of the University of Illinois, who worked on the camera. …

A Bugs Eye view photography. 18 likes. Just average girl who loves taking pictures and capturing gods masterpieces

Jun 14, 2013  · Next time you’re out shooting some flowers, leave your macro lens in the bag and strap on your wide angle. With a wide angle lens and a really low point of view, you can get this really great effect of looking up towards the sky from beneath the flowers that makes you feel as if you are viewing the world through a bug’s eye.

Forced Perspective Photography Tutorial Use a wide angle lens. wide angle lens visually expands perspective remember that telephoto lenses force perspective to compress (See our tutorial on perspective compression) Using the wide angle lens is not mandatory to create forced perspective, but using wide angle will
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This week your photographic challenge is to take and share a photo (or photos) with the theme of ‘bugs eye view’. We’re looking to see lots of shots shared taken from a low down perspective (i.e. where a bug lives). So get down low and go go go! Further Reading on the Topic 7 Tips […]

They also require the photographer to get really close to the subject, which is sometimes tricky in the world of nature photography … The brand calls this a “bug angle view,” which looks really cool …

May 05, 2011  · A bug’s eye view: The stunning close-ups of world’s most unusual creepy crawlies … julia roberts’ husband shares a rare photo of their kids …

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