Negative Space Photography Examples

Your photography challenge in the next week is to take and share an image in the theme of ‘Negative Space’. Negative space is that space that is around the main subject in an image. Often as photographers we spend a lot of time thinking about the subjects that we’re photographing – posing portrait subjects, positioning […]

but what’s in the photo is just as important as what’s not in it … another example of negative space

Jan 18, 2011  · The frame is the bounding size of the artwork, the positive space is the subject, and the negative space is the empty space around the subject. Negative space helps define a subject, so subjectively speaking, negative space works when there’s a balance between the positive and negative spaces.

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We were thoughtful about using negative space. As Christians … "We try to communicate those deeper themes into our design and photography." There’s more than meets the eye. "For example, in the Book …


you need twice as much negative space to the area taken up by your subject. For example, if you shot a close-up portrait and your subject filled the right third of the frame, you’d want the two thirds …

Put simply, negative space is the area which surrounds the main subject in your photo (the main subject is known as the "positive space"). This definition is rather abstract, so take the following example; the power lines in this image form the positive space while the sky is the negative space.

Photography Tips - Negative Space in Photography The flip side of the coin is negative space. Negative space when it comes to photo composition refers to the areas where there is nothing but empty space. Take the image above for example. This type …

For example, pause can be seen as the negative space in sound art. But we are not interested in sound art, we are interested in photography. And in this genre, negative space is basically the space that surrounds the main element of interest, which itself can be called positive space.

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