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“It was really disheartening.” Currently, the University requires students to set up name changes through in-person appointments. Universities such as UT-Dallas, UT-Arlington, Texas Tech University, …

EL PASO, Texas … to change the grades of student-athletes. The audit, titled "Investigation Report: Allegations of Course Grade Change for athletic eligibility reasons," was released on the EPISD …

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and video surveillance to name a few. All the changes made to the UT campus can be seen in a letter he sent to the Texas Longhorns community. You can read the full letter below: Dear UT Community, In …

You will usually need a court order to change your name. If you were recently married, you may be able to change your last name to your spouse’s last name without a court order by providing proof of your marriage to the social security office and driver’s license office. If you need a court order, you can use the forms in this toolkit.

Legal name change Texas forms are available for adults, minors and families. Download the name change form you need or order our completion services. If you order completion services, the forms will be completed for you based on the information you provide and reviewed by a professional.

Landgraf also said his bill was a starting point and that he expected to make changes based … for a party or a catchy name, or they just don’t vote." Jefferson said it’s important that judges be …

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Texas Name Change Petition and Order basics. This Petition is used to get a court order for an adult legal name change in Texas. A court order is often unnecessary if you just got married or divorced. You live in the state of Texas and want to make a legal name change, but not because you have been recently married or divorced.

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1 CHANGE OF NAME IN TEXAS ChangingyourlegalnameinTexasisarelativelysimpleprocessifthecorrect procedureisfollowedandallrequirementsaremet.Whilemostnamechangesare

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